Joint Rolling Contest.

Hosted by : The Next Level! @ HempFest Calgary Sept 30 & Oct 1

Each contest will be rolled a with a faux cannabis concoction , made up of catnip and other herbs!

There will be 6 competitors per round! The Top 3 of each round, will move onto the finals on Sunday! Where the champions will compete to win the riches!

Speed Round!

How many joints can you roll in 10 minutes?

-each roller will be given the same amount of product to roll.

-the roller may use any paper of their choice ( 1 ¼)

-they will have 10 minutes to roll as many joints as they can!

Joints will be judged on :

-Stability & style (overall appearance and sturdiness)

-Consistency ( are all the joints consistent in size and weight?)

-Total weight of all the joints (how much of the product got used?)

-Total number of joints (how many joints did you get out of all the product)

Creative Round!

This is your time to show off!

-rollers will have 30 min. To roll the most impressive joint they can roll!

-rollers will have access to all the papers they could need, at the Next Level rolling table!

-rollers will each be given the same amount of product, although the overall weight of the joint does not matter.

Joints will be judged on: -Wow Factor. (originality, design, skill)

-Stability (overall sturdiness / structure)

-would it smoke (we won’t be smoking them,but as long as it looks like it will burn at one end, and you smoke out of another, it will pass!)

Random Roll!

Think you’re a jack-of-all-joints? Spin the wheel to see what joint you will be challenged to roll!

The wheel will decide if you will roll a Blunt, a Cross Joint, Cone, Pinner or a Footlong joint!

Rollers will be given 10 mins to roll the “challenged” joint.

- Blunt : blunts rolled will be rolled with a Juicy Hemp wrap!

-Cross joint: rollers will be given the utensils to complete the task.

- Cone : nice and basic, but MUST be a cone shape.

-Pinner: the joint must weigh Under .5 of a gram.

-Footlong: rollers will be given a Raw foot long paper to roll!

Each joint will be judged on:

-Style (overall appearance)

-Stability (overall sturdiness / structure)

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