HempFest Edmonton Speakers Series

HempFest Edmonton March 24 & 25, 2018

HempFest Canada is honoured to present some of Canada's Cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again. Below you will find our speakers times as well as the companies they represent. Read on to find out more about each speaker in their bio's (included after the schedule in order of appearance).

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Master of Ceremonies Kenneth Leonard "Dr. Reefer" Kirk

HempFest Canada is truely honoured to introduce Edmonton's own Kenneth Leonard "Dr. Reefer" Kirk as your MC. Kenneth has been active as a cannabis advocate and activist for thirty years. He is the leader of the Alberta Marijuana Party. Kenneth is a epileptic medical pot user who was one of the first people to legally grow medical marijuana in Canada, and perhaps the first in Edmonton. As an indie pro-pot musician Kenneth's tribe is about 300k fans strong worldwide.

Kenneth "Life is stranger than fiction. My mom is named Marge like “The Simpsons” and even has blue-ish hair now. I was raised with guns by a right-wing guy like on “American Dad”. My dad also had a huge gut like Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” and Homer from “The Simpsons”. Plus I was a teen in the seventies and had a sister named Donna who looked much like Donna from “That Seventies Show”. We used to do smoking circles in my best friend's basement (his dad was Solicitor General of Alberta back then too). My Dad would call us dumb-asses and threaten us with a foot in the ass when we did something stupid. My Dad sold propane and bragged up “clean-burning propane” all the time like Hank Hill from “King of the Hill”. We lived part of my childhood in a redneck mountain town like on “South Park” (Golden BC was just a lumber and mining town back then) and my name was Kenny."

Sounds entertaining right? Well that's only the half of it! Join us at HempFest Edmonton with Kenneth and our other Industry leading speakers listed below!


1:20 - Keystone Labs -Jodi McDonald

2:00 - Michelle Davis - Tweed

3:00 - Quarry Park Law - Alexander Kooiman and Jonathan Ablett

4:00 - Woman Grow - Stef Ostrander

5:00 - Hydropothecary - Hart Steinfeld


12:20 - Keystone Labs -Jodi McDonald

1:00 - Michelle Davis - Tweed

2:00 - Quarry Park Law - Alexander Kooiman and Jonathan Ablett

3:00 - Hydropothecary - Hart Steinfeld

4:00 - Cultivated Solutions - Paul Dhillon

Jodi McDonald

Jodi lives to test weed.

Jodi McDonald is the President and Founder of Keystone Labs Inc., www.keystonelabs.ca an Edmonton based Health Canada accredited testing facility with a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) establishment license. Keystone Labs was incorporated in 2005 and in August 2015, acquired a Health Canada controlled substance license to conduct cannabis testing. Jodi has a background in clinical and microbiology sciences and her passion is bridging the gap between analytical and microbial sciences and the medical cannabis industry to help improve the quality of medicinal cannabis products being used by patients. Her vision is to offer validated and quality testing data comparable to the pharmaceutical industry for medical cannabis patients health and safety. Jodi has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta. She is a writer for Hydro Life magazine on scientific topics regarding cannabis testing. Jodi is very involved with the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, enabling women to build successful businesses. Also, Jodi offers her scientific expertise to several key advisory boards; NAIT Biological Sciences Laboratory and Research Program Advisory Committee, University of Alberta, Medical Laboratory Sciences Advisory Committee.

Michelle Davis BSc

Michelle Davis is the Community Engagement Specialist at Tweed, Canada’s largest licensed producer of cannabis for medical purposes. She educates and builds meaningful relationships with patient organizations, caregivers, social services providers and more, furthering the public's understanding of quality cannabis products, services and therapeutic applications. She also builds awareness of Canada's medical cannabis system and associated healthcare resources.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science and has experience within the company working as a grower previous to community engagement. She enjoys discussing all aspects of the cannabis industry, focusing on cannabis education and awareness. Michelle can be reached at michelle.davis@canopygrowth.com for speaking engagements, sponsorships and event partnerships. She is based in Toronto, ON.

Alexander M. Kooiman

Barrister & Solicitor

Alex is a lawyer based in Calgary, Alberta who practices in the area of medical cannabis regulatory compliance and legal issues related to the cannabis industry. He has counselled licence applicants, investors and lenders on both the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) and the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) and has advised on the rights and duties of medical marijuana licence holders in the workplace.

Alex is an active proponent of modernizing the Government of Canada’s cannabis laws by repealing prohibition and implementing a reasonable regulatory framework. He has been closely following the development of Canada’s medical marijuana laws and the proposed Cannabis Act, in order to continue to advise businesses and individuals on this developing area of the law.

Alex has represented clients at all levels of Court in Nova Scotia and Alberta and has appeared before numerous administrative tribunals. Alex is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Alberta.

  • BA, St Thomas University, 1999

  • Dalhousie University, LLB, 2002

  • Nova Scotia Bar, 2003

  • Alberta Bar, 2004

  • Canadian Bar Association

  • Law Society of Alberta

  • Cannabis Canada Association

Jonathan M. Ablett

Barrister & Solicitor

Jonathan is a corporate/commercial lawyer with focus in various areas including business incorporation, shareholder agreements, reorganization, corporate transactions, large-scale financing and acquisition, federal and provincial regulatory conformity, and the financing of international collateral. Jon’s education in business and economics provides him with a sense of business reality that is advantageous to his clients. He is also the author of a small business toolkit, a valuable publication full of information for any small or privately held business.

Jonathan has spoken previously on the nature of cannabis law in Canada, including a presentation to an industry group in Ottawa in May 2017 on the employment implications of medical and recreational cannabis, the history of liberalization of cannabis in Canadian caselaw, and the application of provincial bills of rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Paul Dhillon

Paul Dhillon is the founder of Cultivated Solutions, an e-learning and talent development company that fills educational gaps in the emerging cannabis industry. He is an experienced Customer Relations Specialist with expertise developing strategy, implementing sales initiatives, and building high-performing teams. Paul believes sustaining high levels of sales comes from lasting customer relationships that inspire customer loyalty. He has dedicated himself to battling public misconceptions of cannabis and introducing new users to responsible use practices.

Paul founded Cultivated Solutions to help introduce the public to the cannabis industry and provide educational resources to individuals looking to enter the industry. Cultivated Solutions offers customizable e-learning solutions for potential retailers, processors, and growers. They will also conduct seminars across the country to educate the public on the benefits and harms of cannabis, its uses, effects, history, and other relevant information and misconceptions.

Stef Ostrander

Stephanie has been working in the cannabis and hemp industry for three years founding, leading and supporting local business and networking associations such as Women Grow,

CaneXions and the Chair of Alberta Cannabis Stakeholders Group.

I also work as a recruitment coordinator for Cannabis At Work. We are Canada’s only recruiting agency focused on the cannabis and hemp industry and we build strong

and sustainable relationships with our clients and candidates.

We work coast to coast with LPs, applicants, ancillary businesses and soon to be legal dispensaries.

Hart Steinfeld

Hart Steinfeld is a medical cannabis professional in the clinic and LP spaces. As the first employee at Natural Health Services, Hart was a key player on the leadership team. He's currently Hydropothecary's Community Engagement Manager for Western Canada, and co-presents the popular web series, The Cannabis Show on YouTube. https://www.thehydropothecary.com/