Biography of Ken “Doc Reefer” Kirk

Meet HempFest Edmonton's Master of Ceremonies

A Bio and History of Ken “Doc Reefer” Kirk

For about thirty years I've been a cannabis advocate and activist. I'm the leader of the Alberta Marijuana Party. And I'm also an epileptic medical pot user who was one of the first people to legally grow medical marijuana in Canada, perhaps the first in Edmonton. I'm also an indie pro-pot musician who's got about 300k fans worldwide signed up on my various sites and pages.

I've fought two constitutional challenges of the marijuana laws in court. I finally learned a way to beat the pot law using an unconventional method that unfortunately doesn't set a court precedent. It works 100% of the time though.

My band Dr. Reefer peaked on the global Reverbnation Alternative charts at #2 in the world, was the #1 Alternative act in Canada for almost a year & was #1 on the Edmonton Alt charts for over 3.5 years. I'm still #3 in Edmonton at the moment. My songs have been streamed or downloaded over 4.6 million times and my one and only music video has almost 600k views altogether.

I also organized almost all of the pot rallies in Edmonton from 1993 to 2002. And I owned a head shop that doubled as the Alberta Marijuana Party Headquarters from 2000 to 2003 right across 97th St. from the main Courthouse for the Province of Alberta courthouse.

I have 176k twitter followers, over 10k Linkedin connections, and 6.3k Facebook friends and followers. I have many other pages and stores at many other music sites as well. I also started and admin Facebook cannabis groups with over 30k members.

I already have a brand that is already world famous among the international pot activist community and my fans. I'm very notorious in Edmonton.

I've also done far more than just this too. I used to be a rock promoter for decades and have owned three live music venues for instance.

'Dr. Reefer was originally the brainchild of epileptic medical cannabis patient Ken Kirk, former Leader of the Marijuana Party of Alberta and Miss Ganja Soldier, photo-bug extraordinaire. From Edmonton, one of the most beautiful (in all ways) women on the planet, an amazing activist and a great photographer. She is no longer an active member of Dr. Reefer. Ken wrote all the music and most of the lyrics for the songs featured here while in incarceration for medical cannabis in 1998-1999 (lyrics for "Let's Stand Up For Our Rights" written by Miss Ganja soldier). Ken later produced and engineered an album featuring these songs called "Love Songs From Drug Prison".'

I'm better known in Edmonton from my days as Alberta Marijuana Leader and my days as a rock promoter years ago than I am as a recording artist. I suspect that the 1200 posters I glued to posts in October is the main reason people in my home city know the name of my band. None of the local media pay any attention to me at all either, not even the independent provincial radio station CKUA or the local campus radio station CJSR. What little radio play I get is all on internet radio stations or in L.A., New York and Austin Texas.

Over half of all my fans are in the USA. Over one-quarter of all my fans are in California. About 16% of all my fans are in the greater Los Angeles area & over 1% of all my fans are in Beverly Hills alone. In fact, over 3% of the entire population of Beverly Hills are currently signed up as fans on my website. And analysts say one usually has about ten times as many fans as are actually registered as well. I have almost as many fans in Beverly Hills as I do in my home province of Alberta. Alberta has a population approaching 4 million but Beverly Hills has a population of about 34,000. Plus Beverly Hills is surrounded by the greater L.A. area which has about 14% of my fans. Only 16% of my fans are in Canada and nearly half of those are in Ontario. The rest of my fans (about 32%) are spread over 170 countries. I have fans in almost every country on Earth now.

But at home in Edmonton almost no one knows me for my music, just my activism and before that my years as a rock promoter.

On Reverbnation's internet music charts I was #1 from Edmonton in the genre Alternative for over three and a half years. On the Alternative charts for Canada I was #1 for over a year. And on their Global Alternative charts I peaked at #2 in the world. I was at #3 in the world for almost three weeks too.

I think this shows three things;

1) My cause is popular (main reason).

2) My tunes don't suck.

3) Traditional media and record companies don't matter so much anymore.

Born in Edmonton, I was raised in rural Alberta with strong social, moral and work ethics. I've lived in Edmonton most of my adult life. I have three children, a beautiful adult daughter Mackenzie a handsome adult son Jason and an ultra-cute younger daughter named Astarte who is still living at home with her mother. Astarte's mother is Avril Magara, a wonderful, talented and beautiful woman who I adore. I have two sisters and one brother.

My Metis/Irish father Marvin Kirk, who died in 2008, was a retired self-employed gasfitter, gas systems inspector, horseman and equestrian judge who owned a small cattle and horse farm near Nevis, Alberta. His older brother Lloyd was a WWII veteran who served with the Canadian Second Division in the Dieppe raid and finally died when I was twelve in 1973 from wounds he sustained in the raid. Uncle Lloyd was a hero in my eyes because he fought against fascism.

My mother is a Jehovah's Witness who's trained as a mental health nurse and retired a bookkeeper. When I was eight years old mom taught me that we all are the only true ministers of our own faiths in accord with the Bible and the law. Now I'm an adult I understand what this means, and how our being ministers protects our real rights of conscience, belief and assembly.

My mother's father was a Mulatto/Irish farmer and jazz/swing saxophonist in Delburne, Alberta who dodged the draft in world war one. Before hemp was illegal Grandpa smoked hemp and grew hemp for windbreaks, seed grain, medicine and fiber like his grandparents did. He was part of the 1919 One Big Union coal miner's strike in Alberta, which was violently put down by the army. He told me of his co-workers who were rounded up like cattle and shot down like dogs. Grandpa also supported the Social Credit Party of Alberta while the party actually wanted to socialize the credit system, but he quit in disgust when that party sold out to the financiers and ultra-conservative religious extremists.

Life is stranger than fiction. My mom is named Marge like “The Simpsons” and even has blue-ish hair now. I was raised with guns by a right-wing guy like on “American Dad”. My dad also had a huge gut like Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” and Homer from “The Simpsons”. Plus I was a teen in the seventies and had a sister named Donna who looked much like Donna from “That Seventies Show”. We used to do smoking circles in my best friend's basement (his dad was Solicitor General of Alberta back then too). My Dad would call us dumb-asses and threaten us with a foot in the ass when we did something stupid. My Dad sold propane and bragged up “clean-burning propane” all the time like Hank Hill from “King of the Hill”. We lived part of my childhood in a redneck mountain town like on “South Park” (Golden BC was just a lumber and mining town back then) and my name was Kenny. The town we lived in the longest while I grew up was Vulcan Alberta which was just as flat and red-neck as the fictional Arlen, Texas from “King of the Hill”. There we lived in a little house on the prairie and my dad raised horses. I had huge ears then, sometimes the kids at school called me Spock. Our last name was Kirk and sometimes my dad and I got called Captain. And my dad drove a spacey looking 60's Cab-over propane delivery truck with a tank that looked like it was strait off a rocket ship. He hated being called "Captain Kirk from Vulcan in the Space Truck" and hated Star Trek too and always shut it off (which made me want to see it all the more). And as an adult my life has been a mix of "The Gods Must Be Crazy", "Breaking Bad", "Braveheart" and "Weeds".

I have a confession to make. When I was fifteen I smoked my first joint in the basement of the Stettler home of Mr. & Mrs. Harle (the Solicitor General of Alberta and his educator wife) with their son and a couple of other friends, and I didn't exhale. Hey, it was the seventies, and we wanted to be cool. I smoked pot for several years after that.

Eventually, I grew out of smoking it in the middle-late eighties and thought it the stuff of my rebellious youth.

In '89 I found out that cannabis (from the Hebrew kaneh bosm) is in the original Hebrew text of the old testament in the list of ingredient's for a sacred anointing oil mentioned at Exodus 30:22-33 while reading Zondervand's Hebrew-English Old Testament Interlinear. Since, I've learned that cannabis appears four more times (Song of Solomon 4:8-14, Isaiah 43:23-24, Jeremiah 6: 20, and Ezekiel 27:19), and is spoken of as valuable or good. I have yet to find an English Bible that has cannabis translated correctly.

I got back into occasional recreational use in 1990.

I've been in or on local, national and international magazines, newspapers, radio and television many, many times, mainly because of band promotions or pot activism. I've studied history at the U of A, accounting tech. at Reeve's Business College, carpentry at Red Deer College, and audio/video (a/v) communications at Grant MacEwen Community College.

In '81-'84 I was an infantryman in the 49th Loyal Edmonton Regiment in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.

I've worked as a CN rail worker, groundskeeper at the Alberta Legislative Grounds, custodian, baker, cook, security guard, bouncer, bartender, music and concert promoter, rock bar owner/manager, painter, floor covering mechanic apprentice, carpenter apprentice, building caretaker, researcher, audio & video technician, data cable tech, retailer, enviro/law/epileptic-med-pot activist, ESL tutor and politician. -,

I've mixed sound at well over 300 live music events (I've sort of lost track of how many to tell the truth). I've managed three alternative music venues (the Ambassador Tavern '85-'90, the Eco-City Multipurpose Rumpus Room '93-'94, and Apocalypso '95-'96). While at the Eco-City Multipurpose Rumpus Room I worked for Tooker Gomberg and Angela Bischoff (the late Edmonton City Counsellor and his widow, both renowned environmental activists) doing fundraising, event and rally promotion and environmental activism. I've produced and hung over half a million posters for the over 500 alternative music shows, pot rallies and political events I've organized and promoted the over the last couple of decades or more.

I've got decades of years experience in audio, video and TV production. I first learned TV production volunteering for Red Deer community cable where I produced several series and specials (including a series on live music events in Red Deer which included episodes on "The Platters", "Trooper" and 3 time Juno Award winner "Bill Bourne"), and RDTV where I briefly edited news. I know how to construct a sound bite and give the TV editors what they want.

I produced a 40 band, 3-day local alternative music festival in Edmonton in '94, '95 & '96 called the "Band-O-Rama Gig-A-Thon" that had a peak one-day attendance of 8000 in 1995.

I was motivated to be serious about the pro-marijuana movement mainly because I'm an epileptic who discovered my symptoms (like seizures, anger, tension, insomnia and depression) are controlled by pot far better than they are controlled by the numerous pharmaceuticals I have been prescribed, and with far fewer side effects. Also, some of my friend's lives and families had been destroyed by enforcement of prohibition. I had my first grand mal seizure in '80 but was not sure what had happened and did not tell anyone for decades. I now believe that I experienced partial-absence seizures since I was a child. I was first diagnosed as an epileptic in Feb. '95 but was stupidly ashamed did not speak of it to others until March '97. Life-threatening genetic epilepsy has been part of my father's family's history for many generations. In my family, the epileptic females tend to have it while young and grow out of it like my younger sister, but the males tend to see the disease progress until they die of it (heart failure during seizures) like my cousin at age 41 and my father's father at age 53.

When I first started to fight the pot laws I hired lawyers to represent me and lost in court. My home had been invaded Gestapo-style by the tactical squad twice with battering rams, smoke bombs, concussion grenades, assault rifles with laser sights, and I witnessed cops abuse, humiliate, assault, bust bones, sexually molest and torture loved ones during hemp rallies and pot busts.

With the handicap of lawyer's counsel, I got convicted by a guy called Judge Tilley and even served a five-month sentence in '98-'99 for pot even though Tilley admitted I used pot to control epilepsy. While I was in jail "Miss Ganja Soldier" (my ex Amy von Stackelberg) did a huge "Free Ken Kirk" poster campaign, which, combined with my epileptic seizures in jail, got us far more media than we ever expected. I was treated like a folk hero in jail, not a criminal. Miss Ganja Soldier and I spent 3.5 years running to the John W. Scott health sciences library, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association and my neurologist's office educating my neurologist about pot as medicine. He'd asked us to do that for him because cannabis had not been in “The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties” when he took his training meaning he wasn't able to prescribe it so he didn't have to study it and he was too busy to dig up the info himself. Then in '99 he finally signed an "Exemption From Prosecution" application to Health Canada for me so I might possess and grow marijuana legally. The application sat in limbo for

I independently produced, recorded, engineered, manufactured and distributed 2200 copies of a CD called "Love Songs From Drug Prison" with my old band "Dr. Reefer!" in 2000. Miss Ganja Soldier and I were the two members of the band, she wrote the lyrics for one song, did the female vocals and I did everything else. The CD features Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School. He is the world's foremost expert on medical marijuana ( Also featured is Prof. Alan Young of Osgoode Hall Law School. He is the lawyer who fought the groundbreaking cases that led Canadian courts to rule cannabis laws unconstitutional, forced the government to legalize medical marijuana and provide pot to medical users. We released the CD at an Edmonton nightclub called the Rev in March of 2000. Miss Ganja Soldier was very brave and performed well though she had given birth to a still born daughter earlier that week and we were both in mourning. We dedicated our CD to the memory still born daughter.

Amazingly I still get fan mail because of our original 2200 copy CD release. It was almost completely ignored locally but it got a bit of airplay in the greater Los Angeles area, which was where most of our sales happened too. And since Los Angeles is still where the greatest concentration of my fans is to this day.

Here is the link to my music video for my song “New fascist Corporate Class”

I started working for lawyers who used to run the now defunct Justice Reform Foundation in 1996 doing law research, justice reform lobbying and real estate negotiation.

I'm fairly well known by some people in Edmonton Strathcona since running for the Marijuana Party of Canada against the incumbent Rahim Jaffer in the 2001 federal election. I had only the pot issue and $1150 to work with, $1000 of which was used for my deposit, which left about $150 for actual campaigning. I received 814 votes (a little under 2%). I also met with and taught thousands of people about pot's benefits.

The Marijuana Party of Alberta was founded in Apr. 02 and chose me as leader. The Stuart family of “True North Hemp” fame donated our office space at 98 St. and 77 Ave for several months, they are wonderful people.

Then I learned what my real rights are and how to beat the marijuana laws (only one charge at a time, unfortunately). I learned about an exciting but obscure form of legal lobbying called a Demand Notice. In Sept. '01 I started to represent myself legally and I started to win. I was able to walk away a free man from my last marijuana conviction in '01 by serving the judge, Justice Brooker, with a Demand Notice and not signing illegal order against me. In the Notice I privately charged him with fraud and treason for denying his oath to Her Majesty, thereby failing to prove the competency of his court, and proceeding fraudulently after failing to establish his jurisdiction to proceed against me. I also claimed he obstructed justice and violated section 176 of the criminal code by offering violence and obstruction to Edward-Jay-Robin Belanger who was helping as an officiating minister to represent me, and proceeding against me for having a herb that bears seeds which is part of my ministry (Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth,). Brooker did not reply within the lawful response period and thereby gave me tacit consent that my claims were true. I also refused to sign his “Judges' Order” against me so he did not obtain contract or consent to jail me that way either, I went and did an interview with the local court reporters while they stood outside to have a smoke instead and I never had to pay Brooker's $3000 fine or serve the six months that Brooker ordered me to serve if I didn’t pay. I even went into the courthouse a year later when the time to pay had expired and asked them what they were going to do about it. They looked for the case and said the records of his conviction order had disappeared. However, they also verbally gave me the opportunity to sign the order they supposed ly couldn't find. I’m sure that this was because I never signed his order against me and therefore they had no contract with me to give them the authority to enforce their civil or merchant jurisdiction order (offer). “Consensus facit legum” is one of the ancient basic maxims of law (what is legal only becomes lawful by consent), and I did not consent. The only oath I ever made I swore was to defend our Queen and Her laws when I joined the Armed Forces Reserves, it's and this is how I did it. And my life view and paradigm of the world changed forever because of that. I'd found more than how to beat the pot laws, I knew how to beat ALL civil regulations and statues. That's called freedom.

The application to Health Canada for my “Exemption From Prosecution” sat in limbo for 2.5 years until I successfully lobbied (blackmailed?) the Prime Minister's office into pressuring Health Canada to grant it in Nov. '01 by using a 'Demand Notice', claiming the right to possess, grow and sell as much pot as I wanted to. The “Exemption From Prosecution” was granted in November of 2001, and allows me to possess 60 grams on me, 450 grams in storage, and grow up to 10 plants. I responded and told them I cared not for their Exemption because they already had contract with me by way of Notice that I could grow and possess and sell as much weed as I wanted to. I still have the Exemption thing though, it's buried in a box somewhere in my bedroom, lol.

The Stuart's lease on the old M.P.H.Q. space ran out in Nov. '01 so we decided to move the office.

Avril Magara and I owned a hemp store in '01-'02 that doubled as the local M.P.H.Q. at 10253-97 St., across from the Alberta Provincial Courthouse. I told Edmonton police and Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith by the way of Demand Notices I was going to sell pot seeds and marijuana in the MPHQ and grew 170 plants in the window. They dared not reply to my Demand Notice (giving me tacit consent and contract) because all my claims in the notice were true and lawful, And to deny them would have been obstruction of justice, breach of thrust by a public officer and treason so they let me. The police even stopped walking down our side of the street so they could pretend they didn't see what I was doing.

We handed out thousands of copies of a Demand notice that people could fill out and drop into a mailbox that would end up at the Prime Minister's office. None of these Demand Notices were ever responded to in the lawful time limit for response and all who sent one in received contract with the government to possess, grow and sell pot. I even witnessed people get off pot charges in court with these contracts.

We lost our store at the end of Oct. 2002. An employee I fired after her third day ran off without returning the store keys. Later that night she and her gang of machete-wielding meth-amphetamine addicts robbed me, and I realized she'd set me up when I found she'd removed the bell from the door before I fired her. Underfinanced in this venture and without insurance, stock and cash, I had no choice but close down. One robber later confessed the gang was hired by bikers involved with crooked cops to shut me down. I have no way of proving that claim but my experiences make me wonder.

Here is a link to a video I shot in front of the former Marijuana Party of Alberta HQ explaining briefly what we did there called HOW TO BEAT THE MARIJUANA LAWS PART 2, by Ken "Doc Reefer" Kirk This is a video that is part one to the previous video. HOW TO BEAT THE MARIJUANA LAWS PART 1, by Ken "Doc Reefer" Kirk

I've now been to court so many times that I can't count them, representing myself and educating others who've been able to get off of cannabis charges.

In 2003 I was introduced to Jack Layton by Tooker Gomberg during the NDP leadership campaign that Jack won and they convinced me to quit the Marijuana Party and re-join the NDP.

In 2004 I, like several other former Marijuana Party candidates, attempted to obtain the NDP nomination to run in the federal election in the riding of Edmonton East. I lost at the nomination meeting by 24 votes.

In 2006 I organized a peace rally in Sir Winston Churchill Square to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9-11 and the one-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the passive resistance movement in India founded by Mahatma Ghandi. It was called Earth Peace Camp and I organized it to honor the peace camp Tooker Gomberg (the deceased former Edmonton City counselor and environmental activist extraordinaire) organized at Canada place during the duration of the first Gulf War. Here is a video of the event , it's 4 1/2 hours long. My buddy Rob Hay ( ) shot the video.

In March of 2008 I started teaching English as a Second Language at Project Adult Literacy Society. I did that for 3 and a half years and it was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. However, I got sacked by a new supervisor who fired me for my use of cannabis. I discovered thet my “exemption from Prosecution is not an exemption from persecution. Uptight propaganda victims of the Drug War still push their BS goodie-goodie crap down other's throats all the while thinking they're doing right instead of ruining other's lives.

On July 25th 2008 my father, Marvin Edward Kirk died with brain cancer, c-dificile and a ruptured aorta. I've discovered after that how cannabis cures cancer and have been kicking myself in the ass ever since.

In 2010 I made nice after a silly years-long dispute with Marc Emery (who is really a really nice and very generous guy in many, many ways even if he is wee bit overbearing) so I could support him in his struggle against extradition and in the struggle to free him. Since Marc helped me out with a thousand bucks for legal bills back in the day and also helped out the Marijuana Party with $1900 I decided to scrape together a thousand bucks and send it back to help. The ever so gracious Jodie Emery sent me a FREE MARC Poster which she wrote " Ken: Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I can't thank you enough! Peace and Pot, FREE MARC EMERY! - Jodie Emery". Jodie also said I'd made the most generous donation so far. Here is a couple of videos of rallies we put on in Edmonton to support Marc Emery after he was extradited to the US. 1) Worldwide Free Marc Emery Rally - feat. 118 - " Hip Hop Soldier " w/ Dr. Reefer Ken Kirk 2) Free Marc Emery Rally w Dr. Reefer Ken Kirk & Edmonton 9 11Truth May 22 2010

I shared a house with three-time Juno Award winner Bill Bourne for a while. and his work on his music inspired me to do something about my own as well. On Feb. 18th 2011 I released “Love Songs from Drug Prison” by my band “Dr. Reefer” electronically by uploading it on the net to sites like Myspace, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster and others.

On March 19th 2011 Dr. Reefer first appeared on the Reverbnation Alternative Charts for acts from Edmonton Alberta Canada at #218. By April 12, 2011 Dr. Reefer had risen to #22 on the Reverbnation Alternative Charts for Edmonton acts. The next day, April 11th 2011, Dr. Reefer jumped to #7 on the Reverbnaton Edmonton Charts and was also #2 for a day on the Global Alternative “What's Hot” chart at Reverbnation. On April 19th 2011 Dr. Reefer rose to #5 on the Reverbnation Alternative Charts for Edmonton acts and was also #1 for a day on the Global Alternative “What's Hot” chart. The next day at the 4:20 rally at the Alberta Legislative Grounds in Edmonton we had an attendance of 10,000 potheads and I had the opportunity to introduce myself in front of the assembled crowd on the stage as the former Marijuana Party leader and announce the success of my band Dr. Reefer in obtaining it's first #1 on the charts the day before. I was cheered like a rock star and I didn’t even perform. It was awesome.

Here are links two videos I took that day and

In 2012 at the 4:20 rally at the Alberta Legislative Grounds in Edmonton we had 10,000 in attendance again and Keith Fagin of the Calgary 420 community, and both former Leaders of the Marijuana Party of Alberta, Dave Dowling and myself, spoke in length to the assembled crowd. That happened during a provincial election and our rally was the largest political event during the election in the entire province by far. Edmonton 420 is a success every year now despite the fact that no one bothers to organize it anymore. People just show up, some with tables and displays, most to celebrate the day and smoke cannabis.

Since 2012 I've been networking online, promoting my music and lobbying against prohibition. Unfortunately, I also suffered the effects of Drug War PTSD and got depressed, withdrew and played computer games compulsively for a while. I got over that though.

Lately I've become far more active and mentally healthy again. A heart attack I suffered in late 2017 made me take a good hard look at my life and I've gotten calmer, happier, more motivated and ambitious again.

I'm presently the owner/operator of Ken Kirk Productions. As I mentioned before I have a full quality 1080p HD video camcorder built into my 35 millimeter Digital SLR Nikon Camera. Combine the 35 mm lens capacity and that quality of video and it makes it possible to shoot a feature piece meant to be projected onto the big screens. And you can adjust your image height and width to all the various formats and dimensions commonly used too. It's just barely a truly pro quality video cam. There are lots of great pro quality lenses in 35 mm, and to be able to have access to all those lenses with the highest resolution HD is an ideal way to get pro-quality cheaply. My computer is an audio recording & mixing studio with the capacity to record up to eight channels at once and to mix unlimited numbers of tracks. It's also a video editing workstation. I have to admit, that equipment is sadly under-used at the moment. But that will change soon as well.

I've been slowly working on two new CDs, the second Dr. Reefer album and also a CD of introspective, angsty and heartbreak tunes to be released as the first “Kenneth Leonard Kirk” album. I got delayed for a few years with my music but some of the plans I had are now coming together. The sense of accomplishment and direction from that is feeling very good. Over the years I've gained a global fan base beyond the L.A. area and I've now got fans in almost every country on Earth.

Lately I've been taking big steps to enter the new cannabis industry in Canada. I'm currently investigating funding for establishing several types cannabis businesses. I want to grow and sell. I've already found a health care professional who wants to join with me to provide medical marijuana consultation services for medical marijuana patients. And I've just become an affiliate for an Canadian online medical cannabis dispensary that offers delivery in Canada. I'm also going to mbe master of ceremonies and/or a speaker at several cannabis conventions in Western Canada this year.

I hope you found this to be interesting.