The Good Vibes Tour

“Today's generation of young people spend less time outdoors than any other generation in human history.” - Dr. David Suzuki


OUR STORY We are Mat & Ali, a British Columbia based, cannabis infused adventure couple on a mission to help normalize cannabis use, cultivate positive social awareness and spread good vibes by documenting and sharing our active, outdoor lifestyle. In 2015, when David Suzuki made the above statement, we were heartbroken. The incredible benefits of time spent outside and exploring in nature were the biggest contributors for us getting our lives back on track; time spent outdoors and time spent with cannabis. Cannabis has been and continues to be a catalyst for positive and profound change in our lives. It’s helped us kick cigarettes and alcohol, helped us eat better and get daily exercise. We’ve become happier, healthier human beings that hope to inspire positive change in others.

WHAT IS THE GOOD VIBES TOUR? On June 1st, we’ll be embarking on ​The Good Vibes Tour,​ a self propelled, coast-to-coast cycling crusade in celebration of Canadian cannabis legalization. Legalization marks an exciting and pivotal time in Canadian and cannabis history that deserves to be celebrated by doing something awesome. ​The Good Vibes Tour​ ​is​ that something awesome. For us, ​The Good Vibes Tour​ is an opportunity to help normalize cannabis and promote its positive potential while challenging social stigmas and stereotypes that continue to harm, hinder and misrepresent the cannabis community. Plus, we get to spend our summer doing what we love, riding our bikes, living outside and connecting with all the amazing people we meet along the way. That’s why we will be sharing a portion of our crowdfunding proceeds with​ NORML Canada​. NORML is​​ a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level, whose aim is to normalize cannabis through education and drug policy reform.

"Let The Good Vibes Roll, Let them knock you around" The Cars

KEEPING UP WITH THE GOOD VIBES TOUR Our enthusiasm for bike touring, backcountry exploration, camping and adventure lead us to choose a slightly unconventional, quasi-remote route from West to East. Our exact route includes part of​ ​The Great Trail​ (formerly, The Trans Canada Trail) and other off-the-beaten, bike friendly routes, while still hitting major cities and cannabis hot spots along the way. We’ll be starting in cannabis-friendly Victoria, BC and heading up and over to the Sunshine Coast, down into the cannabis capital of Vancouver, through to Nelson and up and over the highest pass of the TGT, the Grey Creek Pass, down into Kimberley and continuing through to Fernie, BC. After that, we head East over to Calgary, and onto Saskatoon, through Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, down to Manitoulin Island & the Bruce Peninsula, undecidedly towards Toronto, then Ottawa to Montreal and Quebec City, passing through Fredericton, Moncton and finally Halifax. We are excited to document and share our daily journey along ​The Good Vibes Tour​ with our supporters and followers through authentic, entertaining, original content. We will integrate photos, stories and live streaming videos on social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, blogs, vlogs and on-the-fly video edits through our​ ​website​ and interactive GPS tracking through the Strava app. You can connect with us through the links below.


HELP FUEL THIS WEED INFUSED DUO DONATE NOW! CLICK HERE The Good Vibes Tour​ is mostly self-funded by Mat & Ali, partially sponsor-funded by incredibly rad cannabis brands and the rest of the way funded by awesome, amazing, generous people like ​YOU​! We are seeking crowdfunding support of $4,200 which helps with bike maintenance and gear issues, healthy food and camp fuel, occasional indoor accommodation and a small but significant upgrade to our camera equipment, so we can document and showcase the trip in even higher quality. The Good Vibes Tour​ is self-sufficient in the sense that we have no support vehicle to budget for and will be spending the majority of our nights puffing, cooking and sleeping out under the stars. We’re doing our best to keep expenses for this bike trip to a minimum since travelling across a continent for four months can get expensive. We have purchased, repurposed or built most of what we need to get the tour rolling, but we still have a few gaps to fill. A WORD ABOUT DONATIONS While financial donations are totally amazing, so are social shares and follows, comments, feedback, bad puns, good advice, high fives (both virtual and real), offerings of places to pitch a tent and/or have a hot shower, safety meetings, well wishes and of course, good vibes. Thanks for taking the time to read about the ​The Good Vibes Tour​ and for considering donating to our trip. We can’t wait to share our awesome cannabis infused adventure with you. Stay Rad, Mat & Ali ONLINE HANDLES

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