HempFest Saskatoon Speaker's Series

HempFest Saskatoon June 23 & 24, 2018

HempFest Canada is honoured to present some of Canada's Cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again. Below you will find our speakers times as well as the companies they represent. Read on to find out more about each speaker in their biographies.

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Master of Ceremonies Steven Stairs of Winnipeg 420

HempFest Canada is truely honoured to introduce Steven Stairs. Since 2009, Steven has been an advocate for medical cannabis & access for patients who need cannabis. He is also a regular guest on CBC, CTV, Global News, City News as well as many other media outlets when it comes to cannabis legalization. In 2011 Steven started the 1st medical cannabis student group at a Canadian post-secondary institution. In 2013, He founded the Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee which puts on the largest cannabis 420 event in the prairies. Steven has also run as a Candidate for the Green Party of Canada & Green Party of Manitoba in the last election cycle. As a legally blind father of 2, and Steven is passionate about cannabis on both personal & professional reasons.

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12:00 Brad Pattison, Pet Wellness

1:00 Lane Britnell, Meewasin Farms

2:00 Michelle Davis, Tweed

3:00 Brooke Wilkinson, Canndora Women's Panel

4:00 Chris Foord, Basil Kelly, Kait Shane and Hart Steinfeld, The Cannabis Show

5:00 Jeff Lundstrom, Skunk Funk Smokers Emporium


12:00 - Karen Debroni & Jesse Marr, Bonify

1:00 - Chris Foord, Basil Kelly, Kait Shane and Hart Steinfeld, The Cannabis Show

2:00 - Michelle Davis, Tweed

3:00 - Lane Britnell, Meewasin Farms

4:00 - Brooke Wilkinson, Canndora Women's Panel

Karen Debroni & Jesse Marr

Karen & Jesse will give insight into how the current and upcoming legislation regulates how licensed cannabis companies can interact with their customers. With so many unknowns about the future, these companies are left to navigate through these marketing regulations in an attempt to provide the best experience possible. This presentation will cover what type of promotion consumers can expect and why it won't be like other industries.

Karen Debroni is Director of Business Development & Administration. Karen is a customer oriented professional with a far-reaching network of national and international contacts. She brings over 20 years of general business, sales, marketing & management experience to Bonify from her tenure in senior leadership positions at solutions oriented private and public companies. Karen is active in the community, volunteering and serving on the boards of several professional and charitable organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and a Masters in Public Administration degree from the University of Winnipeg.

Jesse Marr is an entrepreneurial branding and marketing specialist in the cannabis industry. He works with Licensed Producers and ancillary product/service companies to generate a lasting impact on the world. After executing one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the industry, Jesse now operates his Marketing Agency and is participating in several cannabis-related ventures.

Michelle Davis BSc

Michelle Davis is the Community Engagement Specialist at Tweed, Canada’s largest licensed producer of cannabis for medical purposes. She educates and builds meaningful relationships with patient organizations, caregivers, social services providers and more, furthering the public's understanding of quality cannabis products, services and therapeutic applications. She also builds awareness of Canada's medical cannabis system and associated healthcare resources.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science and has experience within the company working as a grower previous to community engagement. She enjoys discussing all aspects of the cannabis industry, focusing on cannabis education and awareness. Michelle can be reached at michelle.davis@canopygrowth.com for speaking engagements, sponsorships and event partnerships. She is based in Toronto, ON.

Brad Pattison

Brad Pattison is the TV host of At The End Of My Leash (6 seasons) and Puppy SOS. He is also the best selling author of 4 books including Brad Pattison - Unleashed. He is an experienced dog behaviorist and the owner of Hustle Up dog gear and Pattison K9 Rescue Team.

Brad has spoken at more than 800 seminars and given multiple interviews across Canada. Currently, his TV series airs on Fido Network USA.

He has a line of CBD for pets and is a strong advocate for better health for our pet companions.


The Cannabis Show

The Cannabis Show is a weekly show discussing and exploring medical cannabis in Canada hosted by Chris Foord, Basil Kelly, Kait Shane and Hart Steinfeld. We discuss news affecting the cannabis industry, explore strains, learn about terpenes, cannabinoids, edibles, growing and more! Hart and Basil are always ready to battle in Strain vs Strain... Basil usually wins, but everyone loves an underdog, so maybe it's Hart's turn to win? We will let the audience choose! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel - we have new shows every Wednesday! Check them out at The Cannabis Show.

Brooke Wilkinson & Panel

Account Manager at Marigold PR & Cannabis Communications

Brooke Wilkinson has extensive experience managing revenue generating brand profiles in the digital space. She is a an experience project manager and delivers excellent client service. Brooke has managed the cross-platform strategies and digital marketing initiatives that reached target audiences and achieved results for media brands across Canada. Brooke has increased engagement and site traffic while overseeing the vision, content and budget of national women’s and family media brands. Today, Brooke is Marigold’s marketing and PR triple threat; a writer/editor, content marketer and fabulous account manager.

Lane Britnell - Meewasin Farms

Saturday’s title session title will be :

“What is no-till?” how to mix tour own organic super soil” . I will teach how to make an organic soil with local inputs, that requires nothing but simple tap water after mixing, and can yield up to 3 harvests without re-amending. This simple “just add water” system empowers the home gardener and doesn’t require any complicated or intimidating bottled nutrients.

Sunday’s session will be

“How to grow 4 cannabis plants at home in Saskatoon” We will discuss strain selection for the prairies, indoor tent setups and backyard setups for 4 plants, as well as light deprivation.

Organically grown food, medicinal herbs & cannabis from the heart of the Meewasin River Valley. We are ACMPR patients with a passion for sustainable garden methods. Please note: we do not sell cannabis, but we love to give out free info on our methods!

Jeffery Lundstrom

Jeffery Lundstrom, a prairie born boy went to work one day and fell from a scaffold, the year was 2000. After being mostly bed ridden for a year, heavily dependent to narcotic pharmaceutical pills for pain relief, Jeffery made the choice to try to find a different way to help manage his pain. The pills had