Advertising in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis legalization in Canada is gradually coming along, as it get worked through various levels of government. As existing cannabis and Hemp companies gear up for legislation, it’s clear that advertising in these spaces will be heavily restricted. Guerrilla Adz is a new start up, inspired by the difficulties Cannabis and Hemp companies are experiencing in advertising. The concept is simple; Guerrilla Adz is a peer-to-peer social media ad sharing platform. Community members are able to share advertising with other members (across various social media platforms) for free, pay other community members to post specific ads for them or leverage their existing social media followings into income. Profiles are free to create, and are searchable by a variety of criteria (industry, location, etc). The platform has in-site messaging for easy communication between members, and profiles can be set up for companies or individuals. Rather than paying the social media company directly (ie: Facebook) and having ads shut down for having Cannabis and/or hemp content, you can have other members post right on their pages. To learn more and create your free profile, visit

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