The Good Vibes Tour

Two weeks on the road, rolling good times!

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We're drinking a tasty Americano and catching up on correspondence after spending the last three days in the remote wilderness among grizzly bears, wolves and tiny woodland creatures that wanted to steal all our snacks.

The first two weeks of The Good Vibes Tour Powered by Weedmaps has been amazing! We started in Victoria, BC on June 1st at Mile 0 - the same place where Terry Fox began The Marathon of Hope - a legendary place for Canadians, it was an emotional day - full of excitement and embracing the unknown. We pedalled north up island on The Great Trail - fuelled by amazing cannabis infused products from all our awesome sponsors and our new friends at Buds & Leaves in Victoria.

The Great Trail is a mix of stunning coastal rainforest riding with everything from mellow grades to undulating hills, to incredibly steep hike a bike trails - road riders beware - fatty tires are the way to roll! We took three days to get to Nanaimo where we had our first experience at a Dab Lounge called Globe where our friend Ricky served us the finest local shatter and we tested out our Jager OG Diamonds from Top Leaf. Delicious!

We took the ferry to the mainland and rode through the incredible Spirit Trail section of West & North Vancouver, up into Capilano and finally down into the hustle and bustle of the Vancouver Seawall. A quick rest day in Vancouver allowed us to meet up with TokeBox, pick up our awesome jerseys and we were back on the bikes, heading out of the Lower Mainland!

Cannabis has been an amazing tool for our rest and recovery as well as for our get-up-and-go, stimulating some serious morning climbs and carrying us through the endurance of 6+ hour bike rides - we've even been using topicals to help with our sensitive skin after spending so much time on the saddles!

Since hitting Hope we climbed up and over the Coquihalla Pass and we're currently gravel grinding the beautifully restored Kettle Valley Rail Trail - the longest rail trail network in BC - which will take us all the way to Castlegar, BC! It's a stunning must do for cyclists - but bring lots of food, water and a good attitude!

Thanks so much to all our awesome sponsors - Weedmaps, Nelson Potorium, Top Leaf Canada, Flyte Concentrates, HEMPFEST CANADA!, TokeBox, Products by Sec, Twisted Extracts, Baked Edibles, Chillum Farms & NORML Canada for having our backs and to all the amazing friends and followers we have made along the way. We love and appreciate every ounce of support!

Let the Good Vibes Roll!


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