HEMPFEST CALGARY: October 13 & 14, 2018

HempFest Canada is honoured to welcome an incredible lineup of Cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again!

Below you will find our Speaker Schedule, as well as a short bio about each speaker and the companies that they represent. To find out more about HempFest Calgary, visit us at www.hempfestcalgary.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hempfest SPEAKER SERIES is presented by:



12:30pm Quarry Park Law 1:30pm Brad Pattison, Pet Wellness

2:10pm Jodi MacDonald, Keystone Labs

2:50pm The Cannabis Show

3:30pm Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom

4:30pm Timothy Ralston "The Tom Cruise of Rosin"

5:00pm Annaliese Kibler, Aurora


12:10pm Bridget Hoffer (Co-founder of Canndora and Marigold Marketing + PR), Women's panel

12:50pm Quarry Park Law 1:30pm Brad Pattison, Pet Wellness 2:00pm The Cannabis Show

2:40pm Jodi MacDonald, Keystone Labs

3:10pm Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom

4:00pm Timothy Ralston "The Tom Cruise of Rosin"

4:30pm Annaliese Kibler, Aurora



Join Alex & Jonathan from Quarry Park Law in a discussion about the legal cannabis regime in Canada at the federal, provincial and municipal level and the evolution of cannabis law as we approach legalization.

Alex is an active proponent of modernizing the Government of Canada’s cannabis laws by repealing prohibition and implementing a reasonable regulatory framework. He has been closely following the development of Canada’s medical marijuana laws and the proposed Cannabis Act in order to continue to advise businesses and individuals on this developing area of the law.

Jonathan has spoken previously on the nature of cannabis law in Canada. His topics include a presentation to an industry group in Ottawa in May 2017 on the employment implications of medical and recreational cannabis, the history of liberalization of cannabis in Canadian caselaw, and the application of provincial bills of rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Find out more at https://quarryparklaw.com/


The Cannabis Show has gathered its team for a panel discussion at Hempest YYC 2018. Come say ‘Hi’ and ask any questions that you’d like some advice on! Facilitated and orchestrated by none other than the show's host Chris Foord, they'll be bringing us growing tips with Evan Yusep, in-depth industry talk with "Cannaseurs" Basil Kelly and Hart Steinfeld, and newsy bits and cooking tips with Kait Shane! Hart and Basil are always ready to battle in the series named 'Strain vs. Strain'. Basil usually wins... but everyone loves an underdog, so maybe it's Hart's turn to win? We will let the audience choose!

Join the panel as they discuss topics like travelling, legalization, cannabis culture, cannabis as medicine, human rights and growing at home. Anything else that comes to mind? You'll have a chance to ask your favourite "cannaseur" in "You Canna Ask Us Anything"!

Subscribe to their YouTube channel - with new episodes every Wednesday! Check them out at The Cannabis Show.

BRIDGET HOFFER, co-founder of Canndora and Marigold Marketing + PR

Women's Panel discussion with Gill from The Her(B) Life, Tanya from Leef Canna, Heather from Canndora

Canndora Presents...

Join Canndora and our guest experts to learn more about 'Women + Cannabis' in Calgary. Our educational and engaging conversation will cover the following topics and more: How to consume cannabis & associated accessories (oils, vapes, pipes, bongs, oh-my), Cannabis Wellness (health & well-being) and What’s next for women + cannabis (trends, products, and brands).

Moderator - Bridget Hoffer is the co-founder of Marigold Marketing & PR and Cannabis Communications. She is a communication and brand expert with extensive experience in strategic communications, marketing, and brands that achieve results. Her expertise ranges from developing iconic Canadian brands, to cannabis brands.

She consults with digital start-ups, PR firms for business development, and launches new brands. From 2000 to 2014, Bridget was the Executive Director of CBC communications, Marketing, and brand for all CBC English Services. Bridget led communications teams for the United Way of Winnipeg & Winnipeg Art Gallery. Currently, she is a chair of the board for SafetyNet Services in Oakville, ON.


Brad Pattison is the TV host of 'At The End Of My Leash' (6 seasons) and 'Puppy SOS'. He is also a best selling author of 4 books, including Brad Pattison Unleashed. He is an experienced dog behaviourist, and the owner of 'Hustle Up' dog gear and Pattison K9 Rescue Team.

Brad has spoken at more than 800 seminars and given multiple interviews across Canada. Currently, his tv series airs on Fido Network USA.

After discovering the miracle of CBD, Brad Pattison is making these products available to all with his line of CBD products for pets!

Find out more at www.bradpattisonpetwellness.com


Jodi LIVES to test Cannabis.

She will talk us through cannabis testing 2.0! We know Health Canada wants to keep Canadians safe, so what's in your bud is important. Jodi will be discussing the anatomy of a bud, and the products that help grow great cannabis. Are these products safe? Can they pass Health Canada requirements? She will also be discussing the new licensing that will come into effect on Oct. 17th for home growers.

Find out more at https://keystonelabs.ca/

LANE BRITNELL, Flower & Freedom

Lane Britnell is a Cannabis Farmer + Strength Trainer, Canada Kettlebell + Fitness Ambassador at Flower & Freedom.

"When I think about cannabis, I get excited, excited about the potential for health, for wellness, for nourishment, for healing, for entrepreneurship, for innovation, for spirituality, for freedom, for agriculture, for the planet, I could go on." Cannabis and Fitness, specifically strength training, played equal roles in saving Lane's life from crohn’s disease. To be able to steward either one, let alone both, feels like the highest form of contribution he can have to the world. "I can’t not share the things that gave me my life back."

SATURDAY: Soil Building 101 with Lane Britnell from Fextern Cannabis Education

Want to grow elite quality cannabis? It all starts with the soil. This presentation is for prospective micro growers and 4 plant home gardeners interested in choosing to grow organic.

You will learn:

~ The advantages of living soil

~ How probiotic gardening works

~ The importance of local inputs and bio-regional microbes

~ Why organic cannabis is better

SUNDAY: Cannabinoid Therapy for Athletes: Potential solutions for Performance & Recovery

Whether used as a recreational vice to unwind after training, as actual performance enhancer on the field, or somewhere in between, more of today's athletes are considering cannabis. Join 4 time national pole vault champion and Flower & Freedom Fitness ambassador, Lane Britnell, for a lecture on how cannabis can play a role in sports. This lecture will cover potential solutions such as pre-workout terpene choices, CBD for head trauma, raw cannabinoids for managing inflammation, and more!

Find out more at https://flowerandfreedom.com/

TIMOTHY RALSTON, The "Tom Cruise of Rosin"

A life long cannabis user and advocate, Timothy lives the crazy chaotic life. He is a successful business owner, married father of two and has three dogs. He was born in Calgary AB and raised in Delta BC only to return at age 19 to build his life in Alberta. Timothy's mission is to #breakcannabisstigma by speaking openly about his life story. He is working to increase access to, and knowledge about all forms of cannabis concentrates. Over his years doing home extraction he has learned about many different techniques, discovering that mechanical extraction is the shortest, safest path to the cleanest cannabis oil.


Annaliese's prominent presence in the cannabis community coupled with her 4+ years industry experience has poised her as an industry-insider and expert. Her knowledge derives from a strong background in Science, with a BSc and MSc from the University of Guelph. Annaliese actively works to facilitate community-building in the cannabis space and engages the public on various topics including education, regulatory affairs, alternative health and holistic wellness. Annaliese regularly attends and participates in conferences and expos in Canada and the U.S, through which she has e