October 22, 2018


HEMPFEST WINNIPEG: November 3 & 4, 2018


HempFest Canada is honoured to welcome an incredible lineup of Cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again!


Below you will find our Speaker Schedule, as well as a short bio about each speaker and the companies that they represent. To find out more about HempFest Winnipeg, visit us at www.hempfestwinnipeg.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hempfest SPEAKER SERIES is presented by:






FOOD DEMOS - BOOTH 80     Allan Pineda, Cannadian Chronicle


SOIL & GROWING DEMOS - BOOTH 10       Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom




12:20pm     Sarah Leamon, Sarah Leamon Law

1:10pm       Brad Pattison,  Pet Wellness


2:00pm       Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom 


2:30pm       Jodi McDonald, Keystone Labs

3:20pm       Steven Stairs, Winnipeg 420


4:00pm       Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom 


4:30pm       Jesse MarrWildcraft





12:20pm     Sarah Leamon, Sarah Leamon Law

1:10pm       Brad Pattison, Pet Wellness


2:00pm       Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom 


2:30pm       Jodi McDonald, Keystone Labs

3:20pm       Steven Stairs, Winnipeg 420


4:00pm       Lane Britnell, Flower & Freedom 


4:30pm       Jesse MarrWildcraft








STEVEN STAIRS, Winnipeg 420



HempFest Canada is truly honoured to introduce Steven Stairs!  Since 2009, Steven has been a passionate advocate for the use of medical cannabis and its legalization in Canada. When it comes to the topic of cannabis legalization, he is a regular guest on CBC, CTV, Global News, City News, as well as several other media outlets. 


In 2011, Steven started the first medical cannabis student group at a Canadian post-secondary institution. In 2013, he founded the Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee, which puts on the largest cannabis 420 event in the Canadian prairies. Steven has also run as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada and Green Party of Manitoba in the previous election cycle.


As a legally blind father of two, Steven is passionate about cannabis for both personal and professional reasons. Come meet him - you won't regret it!


Connect with Steven Stairs, Winnipeg 420


SARAH LEAMON LAW, Criminal Defence Lawyer



Join Sarah and learn more about how:

  • Cannabis legalization has fundamentally altered laws around impaired driving in Canada

  • Bill C-46 will be passed in conjunction with Bill C-45, which legalizes cannabis

  • Bill C-46 will create a number of new impaired driving offences, including 'per se' cannabis impairment limits

  • For the first time in Canada, drivers will be subjected to mandatory, random alcohol breath testing on the roadside and will be required to undergo roadside drug testing using questionable technology like the Draeger DrugTest 5000

  • These laws are likely to have severe ramifications for drivers and will be undoubtably subject to Charter challenges

Find out more at  www.sarahleamonlaw.com





Brad Pattison is the TV host of 'At The End Of My Leash' (6 seasons) and 'Puppy SOS'. He is also a best selling author of 4 books, including Brad Pattison Unleashed. He is an experienced dog behaviourist, and the owner of 'Hustle Up' dog gear and Pattison K9 Rescue Team.


Brad has spoken at more than 800 seminars and given multiple interviews across Canada. Currently, his tv series airs on Fido Network USA.


After discovering the miracle of CBD, Brad Pattison is making these products available to all with his line of CBD products for pets! 


Find out more at www.bradpattisonpetwellness.com  





Jodi LIVES to test Cannabis.


She will talk us through cannabis testing 2.0! We know Health Canada wants to keep Canadians safe, so what's in your bud is very important. Jodi will be discussing the anatomy of a bud, and some of the products that help grow great cannabis. Are these products safe? Can they pass Health Canada requirements? She will also discuss the Health Canada's new licensing programs that came into effect on Oct. 17th for home growers and large producers.


Jodi founded Keystone Labs, a GMP pharmaceutical testing lab in 2005 and in 2015 the company received its LD license and began testing cannabis. Through working with eager and curious Key-Box customers and the grassroots community, Jodi and her team continue to learn about cannabis, and it's magic.Visit us at www.keystonelabs.ca and www.key-box.ca and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we love hearing from you


Find out more at https://keystonelabs.ca/



ALLAN PINEDA, Cannadian Chronicle





CHEF ALLAN PINEDA - Flat-lands Infused / Cannadian Chronicle - Cannabis Chef, Advocate, Educator and Author.


With over 20 years experience in cooking and restaurants, Allan has been working with edibles and cannabis infusions since 2016, with 'Flat-lands Infused' being one of the first cannabis pop up dinners in Canada. Since then he has started 'The Cannadian Chronicle', Manitoba's first online publication geared towards the entire cannabis community for education and information, as well as 'The Chronicle' newsletter; Canada's first cannabis and hemp newsletter. Allan has also created a Iron chef style TV series, 'The Kitchen Kumite: Clash of Pans', the food web series 'WTF' (Where's the Food Winnipeg) and is a contributing author of a new cookbook "The New Filipino Kitchen". Currently he is working on 'Kitchen Kumite - Season 2' and a 'Flat-lands Infused' cannabis cookbook. Cooking and cannabis has given Allan a new lease on life as a medical patient and enables him to travel around the world doing pop up dinners and working together with other cannabis innovators.


Demo Dishes: Asian sesame vinaigrette , Seared tuna salad &

Intro to the Levo Oil and Magic butter Machines


w/ Special Guest JOEL CARLETON - Canada Comfort - Owner , Interpener and Mixologist


Joel Carleton is a Level 1 Interpener with the Trichome Institute USA and also has a long history in craft cocktails and premium beverage mixology. He has traveled North America studying food and beverage and has also competed in national and international cocktail competitions. His passion and knowledge for crafting amazing treats is easily transferable to the cannabis industry, where he produces liquid nitrogen infused ice cream and other products for Canada Comfort. He has contributed to many pieces of national and international media, in print, radio and television, more recently making appearances in HGTV, Playboy.com, Difford's Guide, and the Toronto Sun.


Demo Dishes: Nitrogen Ice Cream &

Intro to Infusions and Cocktails 


Find out more at www.cannadianchronicle.com


LANE BRITNELL, Flower & Freedom



Lane Britnell is a Cannabis Farmer + Strength Trainer, Canada Kettlebell + Fitness Ambassador at Flower & Freedom.


"When I think about cannabis, I get excited, excited about the potential for health, for wellness, for nourishment, for healing, for entrepreneurship, for innovation, for spirituality, for freedom, for agriculture, for the planet, I could go on." Cannabis and Fitness, specifically strength training, played equal roles in saving Lane's life from crohn’s disease. To be able to steward either one, let alone both, feels like the highest form of contribution he can have to the world. "I can’t not share the things that gave me my life back."


Soil Building 101 with Lane Britnell from Fextern Cannabis Education


Want to grow elite quality cannabis? It all starts with the soil. This presentation is for prospective micro growers and 4 plant home gardeners interested in choosing to grow organic.


You will learn:

~ The advantages of living soil

~ How probiotic gardening works

~ The importance of local inputs and bio-regional microbes

~ Why organic cannabis is better


Cannabinoid Therapy for Athletes: Potential solutions for Performance & Recovery


Whether used as a recreational vice to unwind after training, as actual performance enhancer on the field, or somewhere in between, more of today's athletes are considering cannabis. Join 4 time national pole vault champion and Flower & Freedom Fitness ambassador, Lane Britnell, for a lecture on how cannabis can play a role in sports. This lecture will cover potential solutions such as pre-workout terpene choices, CBD for head trauma, raw cannabinoids for managing inflammation, and more!


Find out more at https://flowerandfreedom.com/

JESSE MARR, Wildcraft




Topic: Entrepreneurs Wanted


It is said to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Recreational cannabis legalization is brand new and the associated regulations provide a plethora of problems to solve. Jesse Marr will share his experience as an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry and give insight into how to best navigate through the startup phase in Manitoba so you can start your entrepreneurial journey today.


Bio: Jesse Marr is an entrepreneur and marketer specializing in the cannabis industry. He is the Managing Director of Wildcraft, a marketing and consulting company works closely with licensed producers and ancillary product companies. Jesse also co-founded Lift Innovations Inc., a product development company that designs and manufactures cannabis accessories, where he executed one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the industry to date.








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