What to Expect at Hempfest Edmonton

It’s almost time for Hempfest Canada’s Edmonton location expo and we’re pumped!

Hempfest is a series of Cannabis expos all across Canada, we offer the perfect opportunity to learn more about cannabis and all of the new advances in the cannabis industry. With recreational cannabis now being legal in Canada this year’s shows are going to be even more exciting, and trust us, that’s no easy task!

What’s to come:

Information Overload

Especially if you’re new to the cannabis scene get ready for information overload! Not only are there amazing brands to get to know but licensed producers, dispensaries, and clinics will also be in attendance to answer any and all questions you have about cannabis in Canada!


Hempfest is where companies come to show off their latest and greatest products; whether it’s vaporizers, grow kits, cooking gadgets, apps and more Hempfest is full of technology and innovation to help improve your ritual.

Artisanal Products

Want unique, one of a kind, and small batch accessories? Hempfest has got you covered! From the best glass blowing to sustainably sourced wood rolling trays whatever you’re looking for you can find from the amazing vendors at Hempfest.

Local Companies

What’s better than supporting local business? Because Hempfest comes to cities across Canada it gives local businesses a chance to come out and participate. Shopping local is convenient, sustainable and great for the economy! The best part about buying from a local vendor? When you want more you don’t have to wait for the next Hempfest!

Women Owned Businesses

There are so many amazing female entrepreneurs in the cannabis space! Coming to Hempfest not only means you get to meet some of these amazing ladies, but you might even get to network and pick their brains about women and weed!

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Live Demonstrations

Glass blowing Oh My! The live demonstrations at Hempfest are so interesting and will definitely make you want to try and learn a new skill. The glass blowing is one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen, but our personal favourites are the cooking demonstrations because you learn skills you can totally use in your everyday life.


I mean, this goes without saying, who doesn’t love swag?

By this point I’m sure you’ve already looked up when the next Hempfest event is and bought your ticket already, if not, what are you waiting for?! See you soon Edmonton!

Event Location:

Edmonton NW

Edmonton Convention Centre

9797 Jasper Ave

T5J 1N9

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