Saskatoon Speaker Series 2019

June 6, 2019



HempFest Canada is honoured to welcome an incredible lineup of Cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again! Below you will find our Speaker Schedule, as well as a short bio about each speaker and the companies that they represent.


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We look forward to seeing you there!






12:30pm     SARAH LEAMON, Criminal Defence Lawyer

1:30pm       JODI McDONALD, KeyStone Labs

2:30pm       LANE BRITNELL, Fextern Consulting

3:30pm       REEFER MEDness PODCAST, Kirk & Trevor will be interviewing Jacqui Childs




12:30pm     SARAH LEAMON, Criminal Defence Lawyer

1:30pm       JODI MCDONALD, KeyStone Labs

2:30pm       LANE BRITNELL, Fextern Consulting

3:30pm       REEFER MEDness PODCAST, Kirk & Trevor will be interviewing a Surprise Guest






Social Influencer/ Author/ Cannabis Advocate



Jacqui is a Social Influencer with an online following into the millions (Over 2 million on her verified Facebook page).  Jacqui is a wife and mother and has been modelling for over 30 years. Having been published nationally and internationally, she co-wrote an international best selling book “Ignite Your Inner Warrior ” where she shares her battles with drugs and alcohol.


She works directly with many social causes and brands and shares her experiences on social media.  Now living Pharma free, she’s chosen to spend her time focused on the Cannabis industry and community as well as “Women’s issues” and charities.  Jacqui feels she owes this community as much exposure and attention as she can as a thank-you for saving her life, all while trying to end negative stigmas and prejudices one post at a time.  You can find Jacqui at industry events, markets, and farms across Canada.  Jacqui’s quest for knowledge within the cannabis space doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  Much like cannabis, she’s “growing like a weed”.


Jacqui is the official influencer for CanaLief. 





Criminal Defence Lawyer




Sarah Leamon Law (Criminal Defence Lawyer)Join Sarah and learn more about how:Cannabis legalization has fundamentally altered laws around impaired driving in CanadaBill C-46 will be passed in conjunction with Bill C-45, which legalizes cannabisBill C-46 will create a number of new impaired driving offences, including 'per se' cannabis impairment limits.


For the first time in Canada, drivers will be subjected to mandatory, random alcohol breath testing on the roadside and will be required to undergo roadside drug testing using questionable technology like the Draeger DrugTest 5000These laws are likely to have severe ramifications for drivers and will be undoubtably subject to Charter challenges


Find out more at  





KeyStone Labs




Jodi lives to test Cannabis.


Jodi will talk us through cannabis testing 2.0! We know Health Canada wants to keep Canadians safe, so what's in your bud is very important. Jodi will be discussing the anatomy of a bud, and some of the products that help grow great cannabis. Are these products safe? Can they pass Health Canada requirements? She will also discuss the Health Canada's new licensing programs that came into effect on Oct. 17th for home growers and large producers.

Jodi founded Keystone Labs, a GMP pharmaceutical testing lab in 2005 and in 2015 the company received its LD license and began testing cannabis. Through working with eager and curious Key-Box customers and the grassroots community, Jodi and her team continue to learn about cannabis, and it's magic.


Find out more at and





Fextern Consulting




Cannabis for the home gardener. How to grow 4 plants in your backyard vegetable garden in Canada. 


With home growing becoming legal in Canada many people are interested in growing their own plants. In this talk, lane will discuss everything needed to get started including seed selection, choosing a location, watering, and more. 




Cannabis 101, how to shop for legal weed. 


In this presentation Lane will discuss cannabis basics such as THC and CBD, strain selection, and methods of ingestion. We will also talk about questions to ask your budtender and basic quality indicators for cannabis flower.





Kirk & Trevor



A nurse and pharmacist walk into the cannabis space. The conversation is so rich you can smell it through the airways. Reefer MEDness - The Podcast educates its audience on issues pertaining to peoples' use and perception of Cannabis as Reefer Madness, Reefer Medicine, Reefer Mellow, and how Canada is changing as a result of new legislation (The Cannabis Act).


They will be interviewing Special Guest, Jacqui Childs, on Saturday & Surprise Guest on Sunday!


Check them out at




See you soon, Saskatoon!




Event Dates & Times:

Saturday, June 22  (12pm - 6pm)

Sunday, June 23  (12pm - 5pm)


Event Location:

Saskatoon, SK

Prairieland Park, Hall B



Early Bird: (or Cash/Credit at the door)







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Saskatoon Speaker Series 2019

June 6, 2019

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