Cannabis is legal but who is benefiting and who is getting left in the ashes?

Up in smoke? One year later. Cannabis is legal but who is benefiting and who is getting left in the ashes?

It is one year since Cannabis was legalized in Canada and Cannabis 2.0 is on the horizon. With new forms like edibles, beverages and topicals, what’s next?

Doctors, cannabis companies and investors have questions. Consumers and the public have questions. People like YOU are looking for answers. Here is your chance to ask industry leaders and political parties representative, get the answers you need.

The Green Generation Co. is inviting YOU, the Cannabis community and concerned citizens, to submit your burning questions HERE to be asked on Stage at Hempfest, this year.

This moderated discussion with be compiled from YOUR questions and posed to the political candidates and representatives from the cannabis industry.

We want to HEAR FROM YOU!

What went wrong? How did that impact you? What are your concerns? What is the new government going to do about it? All questions must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Oct 9, 2019. Questions will be selected based on time availability. If you have a ticket to Hempfest, you are welcome to attend this forum on the Main Stage. Or Stop by our booth The Green Generation Co. next to the Main Stage.

Details: 3:00 pm MST for a 1-hour moderated discussion On Saturday, October 12, 2019, 3:00 pm MST Main Stage, Hempfest & amp; Cannabis Expo BIG FOUR, Stampede Park Why are we holding this forum?

  • It is important to the fate of the industry

  • The Liberals campaigned on legalizing marijuana and succeeded, 1 year ago.

  • This created a huge advantage for Canada as a global leader and only G7 nation to do so. The world is watching us.

  • Some people are worried that this advantage is being wasted as the intended “Green Boom” that legalizing Cannabis was expected to have, has not reached its potential.

  • Consumers, the public, Investors, entrepreneurs and cannabis companies are still very unclear about what the regulations are and how to stay compliant such as, what can be said or how to properly promote products.

  • Companies are afraid of the ramifications of a public relations or communications violation with no clear answers.

  • Without clear direction or protocols, this is affecting the ability for the industry to grow and produce the economic prosperity that we need.

Please send your question by email CLICK HERE

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