Calgary Hempfest Cup & Speaker Schedule

Weekend passes NOW include exclusive access to the Hempfest Cannabis Cup on Saturday evening. Featuring local comedian, Pete Zedlacher & Chris Foord (former host of The Cannabis Show) & The Modern Host, Andrew Freedman, as our 'Hemp-Cees' for the night!

There will also be an Cooking with Cannabis safely demonstration with Chef Cody Lindsay to help you make safe Cannabis infused foods (The Wellness Soldier).

HempFest Canada is honoured to welcome an incredible lineup of cannabis industry leaders to our stage once again! Below you will find informative information about our Speaker, as well as a short bio about each speaker and the companies that they represent.

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3:00pm Doors Open

4:00pm Cooking with Cannabis Safely, Cody Lindsay 'The Wellness Soldier'

5:00pm Sex & Cannabis, Jacqui Childs & Sex Uninterrupted

6:00pm The Modern Host, Andrew Freedman

8:00pm Closing Time


11:00am Doors Open, Jacqui Childs & Chris Foord welcome us to the show!

11:30pm Ogen, Local Cannabis from OGEN (by Bloom Cultivation)

12:20pm How Cannabis Affects You, Rena Shields

1:10pm Growing Cannabis, Lane Britnell

2:00pm Life Massage, Paulla Schmidt, RMT

2:50pm Up in Smoke? One year later... Cannabis is legal but who is benefiting and who is getting

left in the ashes?

4:00pm Afternoon Break Time *Doors re-open for the CUP at 7pm sharp. Don't miss it!



7:00pm Cooking with Cannabis safely, Cody Lindsay 'The Wellness Soldier'

7:45pm Comedy at the CUP, Pete Zedlacher

8:20pm CUP Results Opening, Hemp-cee's Andrew Freedman & Chris Foord

8:30pm Testing with Keystone Labs, Jodi McDonald walks us through the testing process

8:30pm CUP Results, Our safety analysis testing team walk us through the sampling

process and announce this year's results providing safer Cannabis for it's users!


OGEN 'Where Street meets Science'

What does craft cannabis mean to you? What is pheno-hunting? How does hang-drying and slow-curing produce a better bud? Join OGEN’s Head Grower and team as they have a blunt conversation about what craft cannabis means to them. Learn more about the local, craft cultivator of Calgary.

STREET: We honour the pioneers before us. Without them, the landrace strains would be extinct and new hybrids would not exist. We follow in their footsteps, to maintain the art of cultivation. We do it with the same passion and devotion to quality.

SCIENCE: We are forward-thinkers, inspired by science, technology and data. We continuously improve our processes by hypothesizing, gathering data, and applying our knowledge. It helps us cultivate consistently and safely to meet the strict cannabis regulations.

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Jodi McDonald

Jodi lives to test Cannabis. Jodi brings the science of proffessional testing to the HempfestCUP helping our contestants know more about safe cannabis!

Jodi will talk us through cannabis testing 2.0! We know Health Canada wants to keep Canadians safe, so what's in your bud is very important. Jodi will be discussing the anatomy of a bud, and some of the products that help grow great cannabis. Are these products safe? Can they pass Health Canada requirements? She will also discuss the Health Canada's new licensing programs that came into effect on Oct. 17th for home growers and large producers.

Jodi founded Keystone Labs, a GMP pharmaceutical testing lab in 2005 and in 2015 the company received its LD license and began testing cannabis. Through working with eager and curious Key-Box customers and the grassroots community, Jodi and her team continue to learn about cannabis, and its magic.

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Social Influencer/ Author/ Cannabis Advocate

Jacqui is a Social Influencer with an online following into the millions (over 2 million on her verified Facebook page). Jacqui is a wife and mother and has been modelling for over 30 years. Having been published nationally and internationally, she co-wrote an international best selling book “Ignite Your Inner Warrior ” where she shares her battles with drugs and alcohol.

She works directly with many social causes and brands and shares her experiences on social media. Now living Pharma free, she’s chosen to spend her time focused on the Cannabis industry and community as well as “Women’s issues” and charities. Jacqui feels she owes this community as much exposure and attention as she can as a thank-you for saving her life, all while trying to end negative stigmas and prejudices one post at a time. You can find Jacqui at industry events, markets, and farms across Canada. Jacqui’s quest for knowledge within the cannabis space doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Much like cannabis, she’s “growing like a weed”.


Chris Foord

Chris started out in the cannabis industry as a host and writer of the award-winning ‘Cannabis Show’ 3 years ago. Although a cannabis user for many years, Chris joined the show admittingly knowing little about cannabis except that he enjoyed it and was (unknowingly) using cannabis medically. Since then, Chris has become an educator for cannabis patients and has emceed and spoken at HempFest and other cannabis expos all over Canada. Chris has interviewed doctors, patients, cannabis experts, and even the legendary Tommy Chong! When Chris isn’t assisting patients, you may hear him on the radio station CJAY 92 in Calgary. Chris lives in Calgary with his wife, Amy and two chihuahuas, Zephyr and Zoey-Ramone.


Andrew Freedman

The Modern Host Andrew Freedman.

A glass of wine is so easily offered as any guest is welcomed into your home. A cheese plate, a cocktail, another glass of chardonnay - it all seems so normal. But the new normal should include cannabis. Having cannabis at a party will be common place in the coming years, normalizing its consumption starts now.

The Modern Host is the all encompassing idea of what a party host may look like for 2019 and onward. Offering alternatives such as cannabis infused zero proof cocktails, including cannabis into party rituals and feeling comfortable and confident presenting and speaking about cannabis. A great host will be prepared to meet the needs of any guest, pinot noir and pipe in hand, ready to greet you at the door with whichever you prefer.

Read more at the links below:

The Modern Host

More about the Andrew Freedman


Chef Cody Lindsay "The Wellness Soldier"

You will learn how to create basic cannabis infusions from raw flower to end medium. Chef Cody Lindsay shows you cannabis cooking basics so you can create your own edibles and feel empowered knowing the mathematics behind the THC conversion.

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Cannabis is legal but who is benefiting and who is getting left in the ashes?

It has been one year since Cannabis was legalized in Canada, and Cannabis 2.0 is on the horizon. With new forms like edibles, beverages and topicals; WHAT'S NEXT?



Rena Shields

"How Cannabis Affects You": Rena will take you through a journey of introducing your Endocannabinoid System, Phytocannabinoids, Cannabis and its history to better understand where it came from and how to use it for Health and Wellness. This has been approved by Health Canada to help bring an understanding to the consumer about making healthy choices.

Rena Shields is the Director of Education for the Endocannabinoid Association of Canada and the Academic Director for the Endocannabinoid Academy. She is launching 'Mother Cannabis - Parental Cannabis Guidance' - A community outreach program that aims to be a national service. She has developed the ECS Coaching and ECS Therapy techniques that facilitate recovery from chronic soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, and PTSD. This approach is a fusion of movement-based therapy/coaching with Cannabinoid Supplementation and her mandate is Cannabis for Health and Wellness.

Canadian Endocannabinoid Academy Inc. operating as Endocannabinoid Academy:


Taara Rose & James

Cannabis Advocates: Every show they have ever recorded has started with the Smoke Show. They share what lower strain, oil, edible they had before the show and what the the effects are. Sex Uninterrupted also host a monthly live streamed Smoke Show for their member only community. Cannabis, like sex, is stigmatized and they plan to change what people think about both. Cannabis is a safe and excellent alternative for many in the non monogamous community who do not drink alcohol or for those who suffer from anxiety or sexual pain.

Sex Uninterrupted is an organization that caters to the sex positive movement surrounding consensual non-monogamy. Their focus is on educating those who desire to live a sex-positive/open lifestyle and target couples and singles interested in exploring their sexuality and learning more about the non-monogamous movement. They take their role of lifestyle role models seriously and produce and host a weekly radio show, write an educational blog, share club and product reviews and attend/host a variety of events. Sex Uninterrupted's overall goal is to create a safe, sane space for people to learn more about their sexuality and create their own relationship by design.

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Paulla Schmidt, RMT

As a practitioner of holistic medicine, Paulla integrates conventional as well as alternative therapies to treat muscles and skin & to promote optimal health. Cannabis & CBD Education for clients with chronic pain, (Osteo) Arthritis, scarring, Excema, and many more... Through a base of Ayurveda- traditional Eastern plant medicine we can add a new twist to your personal healing process. Though their name says MASSAGE, they are so much more!

Paulla Schmidt is the owner/operator of Life Massage and is a 2200h recognized therapist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has had 17+ years of experience in the massage field and a total of 20+ years experience in the health and skin care industry. Paulla has a full and ever expanding knowledge of the endocannabinoid system; how it can be used to increase well-being and the benefits added to our whole health through use of topicals. She is a therapist who has seen firsthand the healing that can come through the use of topicals and is an active Canna-massage activist. Life Massage is home to their regular Cannabinoid Education evenings. If you have any questions in regards to ANY & ALL things cannabis, Paulla strongly ENCOURAGES you to contact her. It is important to educate everyone about this new industry.

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Local Standup Comedian

“Zedlacher proved to be not only one of the funniest comics I saw that night, but among the best I saw during the entire festival.” – The National Post

Versatile comedian, actor and writer Pete Zedlacher is a 20+ year veteran of the comedy scene and one of the premiere headliners in the country. Zedlacher, who proudly hails from Wawa, a small mining town in Northern Ontario, draws heavily from his Canadian working-class roots. A graduate of the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, the intensive acting program helped him infuse a theatrical element into his stand-up. Now based in Calgary, Zedlacher has a Canadian Comedy Award, four Canadian Comedy Award-nominations and two Gemini nominations to his credit. Most recently, Pete won the international comedy competition and was crowned Sirius XM’s Top Comic.


Fextern Consulting

Cannabis for the home gardener. How to grow 4 plants in your backyard vegetable garden in Canada.

With home growing becoming legal in Canada many people are interested in growing their own plants. In this talk, Lane will discuss everything needed to get started including seed selection, choosing a location, watering, and more!

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Dates & Times


Friday, October 11th (3pm - 8pm)

Saturday, October 12th (11pm - 4pm)


Saturday, October 12th (7pm - 9pm)


Calgary AB

THE BIG FOUR, Stampede Park


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