Whether it is weed or any other product, you should always check to see that they are of good quality. Knowing the difference between a good weed and a bad one will save you from harm as such plants may contain harmful chemicals. Here are some tips on determining good weed from a bad one.

1. Check the color

The easiest way to check if the weed you have is of good quality is by sight. A good batch of cannabis is green, a good indication of good quality cannabis. Some may also have little flecks of purple or orange mixed into the green. This is completely fine. Certain strains get their name from the coloration of the plant exhibit along with the usual green.

As Cheapweed Canada put it, a bad batch of cannabis is one that is brown and moldy. Dark orange, brown, or maroon trichomes, those little hairs on the plant, mean that the grower waited too long before harvesting the plant. They might also contain other harmful substances such as pesticides or other funky stuff.

2. Smell

Another good way to tell if weed is exceptionally good is through its smell. Marijuana that is fresh should smell strong and pungent and discernable. But keep in mind that certain strains of cannabis may exhibit different smells. A good example would be the difference between Sativa and Indica. A good Indica will have a strong smell similar to coffee or chocolate. Sativa will smell citrusy, earthy, and crisp.

A bad batch will smell like grass or hay. The general rule is, if it doesn't smell like marijuana then it's probably something else and it's better you don't smoke it.

3. Stickiness

Another way to tell is by how sticky the plant is. But don't let this attribute be the only criteria in judging good quality weed. The level of stickiness might indicate that the weed contains a lot of crystals or trichomes which contains all the compounds you want in a good quality weed.

However, there is a huge difference between a sticky weed and one that is wet. If it feels wet and damp, that's an indication that it hasn't been cured and dried properly.

On the other hand, you also don't want your weed to be too dry. The weed that you can turn to dust simply by rubbing between your fingers is a sign that it was harvested way too long.

4. Trim

How the weed has been trimmed is more than just to make it look more appealing. A properly trimmed cannabis means the stems and bigger leaves have been removed leaving only the buds. The weed that hasn't been trimmed properly doesn't necessarily affect its smell or potency. But it does mean that the grower may have cut corners during the growing and harvesting process.

5. Trichomes

A key factor in knowing the difference between good and bad weed is by checking its trichomes, those crystals you see on the outside of the buds. Most of the cannabinoids and terpenes are concentrated here and is responsible for the strong pungent smell common in cannabis.

A really good quality weed should look frosty, almost like it is covered in a thin layer of snow or sugar. The buds should sparkle in the light because of these crystals. Bad weed, however, looks dull and may not have any trichomes.

6. Pests & Mold

Seeing pests on your weed is a very good indication that its quality is subpar. Molds are easy to see as they will look like mildew and appear like spider webs. If you get such a batch, it's best to throw it away. The last thing you want is to smoke molds. Moreover, if you notice insects in your batch, you might also want to throw that batch out.

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