The Growing Summit

The team that introduced the C-45 Quality Summit to the Canadian cannabis scene last year is proud to present the Growing Summit; held in Kelowna, BC on March 31 & April 1, 2020!

This event will bring together cannabis growers from across the country to discuss and discover best industry practices to improve cultivation, whether applied to a micro-growing or large commercial operation.

The Growing Summit

Date: March 31- April 1st, 2020 Location: The Laurel Packinghouse - Historic Museums, Kelowna, BC, Canada

**Your pass includes all your food during the event

(Please note: We can accommodate any dietary restrictions upon advance written notice)

Not included: Travel, Accommodation, and Alcoholic beverages Join us and our amazing group of SPEAKERS and EXHIBITORS from across the Canadian Growing Community!

Featured Speakers & Exhibitors include:

and more to come...

We will be sharing and presenting knowledge on topics that effect you daily. These topics include:

  • Genetics and Seeds - Building a public national seed bank, protecting community IP from corporate interest and ownership, plant breeders rights & passing 4 characteristics: distinct, stable, uniform, new for seed breeding.

  • CFIA: PCP. Who can use them & how to get them on the approved list

  • Fertilizers and Nutrients - The passing grade and validating vendors

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Oh, the places they’ll go!

  • Irradiation, Organics, and the Dance of Quality – Stigma, Myths and Realities

  • Cultivation: From Grey to Legal - Olympic size challenges and the solutions

  • Labs. What are they trying to tell you - (microbiology, organics, pesticides)

  • Sustainable Cannabis

Learn from fellow growers and share your knowledge with others as we examine challenges and triumphs that growers face every day.

From the MMAR in 2001 to C-45 in 2018, the Canadian Cannabis industry has captured the attention of the world. Canada has emerged as the global leader in cannabis cultivation. The eyes of the world are watching Canada, however, other nations are soon to be hot on our heels. How do we maintain our excellence as an industry while continually improving skills, methods, and scientific understanding of the cultivation of cannabis? The Summit aims to unite Canada's greatest growers and industry-related professionals in order to find the answers that will help growers face daily challenges together.

Together we will:

  • Inspire a new and innovative vision and learn practical skills from a diverse panel of industry speakers

  • Network with growers and growing-related professionals, provincial and regulatory agencies, and service providers

Join us in Kelowna!

Your Delegate Pass can be booked NOW at!

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This offer is valid until Jan. 31st, 2020.


Growing Summit, featured in the New Agora

The New Agora, now in our 9th year, is proud to once again be working with Hempfest Canada. This time for their new Growing Summit in Kelowna. A hearty congratulations on their many successful years sharing healthy cannabis information for so many. We know that in these super-regulated times, in an industry presently constrained by politics and in its freedoms of expression, it can be hard to publicize great products and services in the many ‘so-called’ alternative therapies and other healthy options.With this in mind, we now have a dedicated interview team that can help get your story out there beyond those same restraints, adding to the effectives of any advertising campaign: Bringing our150,000 readers (in print, many more online) up to speed on what you do and how they can utilize authentically helpful and healing products and services. We are always happy to help share good and important information. Contact us for Details.

Contact us for Details. Lorenzo-Publisher. 604-259-9366

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The C45 Association

The C45 Association allows us to act as advocates for quality in the cannabis sector on behalf of businesses and consumers. We will represent the interests of cannabis quality professionals, presenting a unified voice when building relationships with other industry stakeholders. We strive to engage members to arrive at sound practices that strengthen the industry and ensure safe and effective cannabis management.

Benefits of being a member (voting or non-voting):

You will have access to industry specific education, focus groups and conferences. This will include member-only articles and case studies. There is an interactive forum for members to connect and discuss topics with other Quality professionals in the industry and supporting services.

As a C45 Association member you will have access to experienced cannabis quality professionals for networking, mentorship and career coaching.

The C45 Association will endeavor to provide members with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources that will assist members in improving and advancing their careers.

Our strength is in the 'Quality' of the members.

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