The C-45 QUALITY Summit

The highly anticipated second edition of the C-45 Quality Summit is set for May 12-14, 2020! This event will bring together cannabis quality practitioners from across the country. We will be uncovering and discussing best industry practices that will improve and streamline your process, whether apply it to micro-growing or large commercial operations.

The C-45 Quality Summit is a 3 day conference bringing together the quality assurance, quality control and compliance professionals of the Canadian cannabis industry. We will discuss how the recent regulatory changes and progress have presented new and exciting opportunities, and will share new found knowledge and innovative ideas that have sprung from these changes. As a global leader in the cannabis industry, we have the opportunity to lead the way and set the stage for what to strive for in a quality cannabis product. In our rapidly adapting industry, success lies in an organization's ability to create meaningful change and maintain quality programs at the same time. The C-45 Summit promises fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content for all quality compliance practitioners.

C-45 QUALITY Summit

Date: May 12-14, 2020 Location: Fredericton Convention Centre, Fredericton, NB, Canada

**Your pass includes all your food during the event (Please note: We can accommodate any dietary restrictions, upon advance written notice)

Not included: Travel, Accommodation, and Alcoholic beverages

Join us and our amazing group of SPEAKERS and EXHIBITORS from across the Canadian Cannabis Community!

Featured Speakers & Exhibitors include:

We will be sharing and presenting knowledge on TOPICS that effect you daily. These topics include:​

Note: Topic may change without notice at any time.

  • New Classes of Cannabis

  • Edibles

  • Discussions between federal regulators (Health Canada), provincial regulators (NB government/ distribution in stores), and municipal health/ food code inspectors (regarding food production).

  • Extracts

  • Topicals

  • Packaging requirements for new classes

  • Being your own QAP (licenses that do not require a QAP, as per regulations)

  • Cultivation licenses

  • Micro processing licenses

  • A Cannabis Standard - What To Test For

  • Required testing from Health Canada

  • Other recommended testing

  • Plant Genetics

  • Does this need to be tracked

  • Benefits gained by tracking it

  • What is going to be required in the future

  • Self Inspection Programs

  • What are they and what do they accomplish

  • What they look like in a cannabis facility

  • Why you want one

  • Microbiology & Cannabis

  • Microbiology for the non-microbiologist

  • What are the important microorganisms

  • Fecal coliform - What is it anyway?

  • Does total count matter

  • Submitting an Amendment to your License

  • How to use CTS (renamed from CTLS) with Health Canada

  • Submission requirements

  • Adverse Drug Reactions

  • What is an ADR/ serious ADR

  • What to record

  • What to submit

  • Vigilance Canada's Role

  • Annual ADR Reports explained

  • Communicating with Health Canada

  • Understanding regional inspectors vs. Ottawa and the CLRB

  • Who to write to and when:

  • Licensing

  • Compliance

  • Security

  • General information line

  • Regional inspectors

  • Using CTS

  • How can the C-45 Association help?

  • Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs

  • How to set up Risk and Compliance programs

  • What are the key components

  • Identifying, managing, and mitigating risks

The C-45 Quality Summit offers a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills from a diverse panel of speakers. Join our network of quality and compliance professionals, provincial and federal regulatory agencies, and service providers and get answers to questions, such as:

▸ How do we manage change?

▸ Are there industry trends that are aligned with quality principles?

▸ What role does risk management play in quality programming?

▸ What tools are required?

▸ What are some roadblocks in the journey ahead?

Together we will break down barriers among quality and compliance professionals, map out some roadblocks and IDENTIFY ACTION ITEMS.

Join us in Fredericton!

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Want to be part of the cannabis quality community all year round? Join the C-45 QUALITY Association and continue the dialogue beyond the summit. Members receive a discount on summit tickets; join now!

C-45 Association Memberships

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The C45 Association

The C45 Association allows us to act as advocates for quality in the cannabis sector on behalf of businesses and consumers. We will represent the interests of cannabis quality professionals, presenting a unified voice when building relationships with other industry stakeholders. We strive to engage members to arrive at sound practices that strengthen the industry and ensure safe and effective cannabis management.

Benefits of being a member (voting or non-voting):

You will have access to industry specific education, focus groups and conferences. This will include member-only articles and case studies. There is an interactive forum for members to connect and discuss topics with other Quality professionals in the industry and supporting services.

As a C45 Association member you will have access to experienced cannabis quality professionals for networking, mentorship and career coaching.

The C45 Association will endeavor to provide members with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources that will assist members in improving and advancing their careers.

Our strength is in the 'Quality' of the members.

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